Parents and kids don’t always travel well together. That’s not the case with Lili Thomas and Nikhil Saboo, who play Cynthia Murphy and Connor – mother and son — in the national touring company of “Dear Evan Hansen.”

The two recently spoke from Los Angeles about working together and about the joys and challenges of being on the road.

Lili, what has it been like to join the “Dear Evan Hansen” tour?

This is my first time on tour. I am loving it, and it’s hard to be away from my family. My kids are flexible and supportive, and they are so excited because they’re huge fans of the show. Being in this cast is thrilling and difficult in equal ways. But I am grateful to be able to tell this story.

Joining any tour as a new actor can be difficult, but we are figuring it out together. When an actor joins a cast, it’s important to understand what the other actors need, and we are doing just that. I feel very welcomed.

Nikhil, what have you enjoyed about playing Connor?

It’s been a full-out love relationship with this role. I’ve enjoyed bringing nuance and depth to the character, who has 17 minutes on stage. I see it as an opportunity, to consider that what I bring to the stage is going to mean something.

I’m also the first person of color to play Connor. I’m half-Indian and half-Nepalese. I want to uplift all South Asian artists and all people of color. Being on this tour and doing this role and sending the show’s message has become so important to me as a person of color. When I get on stage, I think about that wonderful responsibility, of knowing that there is someone in the audience who will see themselves.

Thomas As somebody who is mixed race – my mom is Korean and my dad is Irish-Welsh – and who grew up in an artist family, I never saw anything that looked like my family on stage. To be on tour and bring a mixed-race family around the country is pivotal and important and something I wish I had. Nikhil and I talk about what if there’s one kid who feels that finally they are not alone.

Nikhil, how have you enjoyed touring?

Every day is a new beginning. You’re in a new city and you get to explore a new place. I love finding out where to get my groceries and what restaurants to go to, and figuring out my time and money management.

Oh, and almost every day I go Bohemain House in downtown Los Angeles. It’s the best chai you’ll ever have.

Lili, what’s something that people may be surprised to learn about you?

I’m a brass player. My parents are classical musicians, and I play trumpet and tuba. I have a little pocket trumpet on the road, which is like a trumpet that’s folded over so it’s only this big. I played the euphonium, but it was heavy and hard to carry around. I thought it would be easier for me if I played the trumpet.

Same question for you, Nikhil.

I moved every two years of my life, and I didn’t start doing theater until the end of high school. My family used to watch Bollywood movies every weekend at home or in the theater, and I think that’s what linked me in. Musical theater is a lot like Bollywood movies. The parallels between the two make me feel at home.

What I’m saying is that you can start anything at any moment in time, and you should feel limitless.